Zodiac Aquarius facts.


Zodiac Aquarius facts.

In 34 years I have yet to achieve the same level of cool as this 10 year old.

In 34 years I have yet to achieve the same level of cool as this 10 year old.

Things I’ve said on Thursday

All events occurred in real time.

1. From now on. All secrets shall be referred to as albondigas. (If you know HIMYM you should know this)

2. Well everyone should be shocked or tasered once in their life

3. I’ll unfriend you if you get uggos. Phone corrected uggs to uggos. Fitting.

4. You’re my favorite person to hate. Best hate friends forever. BHFF

5. My bank statement was just a bunch of ha ha ha’s and a coupon for a free box of bullets.

6. Nah as you know I’m truly evil. When I die I’ll be Replacing Satan.

7. I want a friend named Patrice. Just so I can wait for her to give me her stupid opinion and I can yell “no one asked you Patrice!” New life goal. True story.

8. Hmmmm an inbreastigation is needed.

9. Mornings are a reminder that a sleep coma would be pretty cool sometimes.

10. Honestly man it’s my last 10 dollars. But you’re homeless and need it more than I do. It’s hot. Get water. Or make it rain in the club. Boobs make it better.

This was all before noon.

recreationallyscolded asked: Were you to embark upon a Marvel/Avengers movie marathon, which film would you start with - Iron Man or Captain America/The First Avenger? Production chronology or time setting chronology?

Well to be honest. I would go:

The first hulk.
Iron man 1
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America
The Avengers
Iron man 3
Thor 2
Captain America 2

All of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cause this show is fucking incredible.

Also find the marvel one shots with Coulson, Agent Carter and that sneaky fucker Agent Sitwell.

Hope I didn’t forget anything.

Viva la Marvel BITCHES

Wednesday Nonsense

1. New Guardians of the Galaxy Clip is up.

2. I have a playlist on my iPod of all the Marvel music scores. Yes I love background music so much. Watch that ship scene in Captain America 2 and see how dramatic that music is.

3. Today I said “I need to get Jordan a new bed, he’s growing too fast.” Not even 20 minutes later an old lady approaches me as I’m sitting outside a home. “Hey does anyone need a bed. Our guest bedroom we have new furniture that hasn’t been used.” Check it out, nice new queen bed for Jordan.  Next, I’ll ask for a million dollars.

4. I think my standup routine should be decently funny. I have some bits I can tie together. Should be fun. 

5. Jordan is doing that “one lap for charity, you can pledge 1 to 5 dollars.” He hooked me for 5 dollars a lap. My competitiveness wants him to do all 35 laps. My wallet says, “um, yo dog. Do like 10.”

6. I wanna go see Captain America 2 again. Not even sorry.

I don’t know what else.Happy Humping Day.

Truthful Tuesday

1. I decided to split Tess into two parts today. So I’m currently rewriting it now. It adds a bit of suspense leading up to Part 2. Just really breaks up the long fight bar sequences and adds more story.

2. I work better with deadlines. So I asked my closest friend to give me deadlines on all my projects. And I shall meet every deadline.

3. I’m back to eating healthy. I think my back is completely healed. I’ve been slowly going back to the gym. Kinda working out 3 times a day. Gym workout. Running in the afternoon sit-ups and push-ups before bed. Day 3 of this and I’m like dead.

4. Binge watching tv is on my resume.

5. I may direct a feature film soon. Which is on my wishlist for the year. I am reading the script. And it’s pretty damn funny. It will be in LA. I have to talk to my friend but it’s pretty damn funny. One location. But hilarious.

6. I like it when I can be myself and exchange witty banter and have it returned. Today that happened and it made me smile a bit. I think I come off as nerdy sometimes, but the volley was returned and point, set, match. I like it. Being witty is a good way for me to like you.

7. I have now seen Captain America 2 a whopping six times. I know, I know what you’re thinking…that’s so awesome. Yep. I agree. Cap is my favorite Marvel Superhero (followed by Iron-Man, Thor, Dr. Strange, Starlord, Gambit) I could name 5000. But seriously. It’s such a great movie. I think its going to push the Avengers for my favorite Marvel movie (Iron Man and X2 are up there as well). I could write a ton on Marvel. I really love DC as well by the way.

8. Someone stole my Marvel Encyclopedia (like Ted says it) and I still cry over that.

9. Time to rearrange the apartment. Big time. It’s long overdue.

10. Retail therapy for me when I’m down consists of me trolling the 5 dollar blu-rays at Best buy or Target. Sadly for me they are across the street from each other where I live.

Hope your Tuesday was terrific.

Monday Musings

1. As of today, I’ve been “unemployed” for a year now. At first I was afraid, I was petrified.  Kept thinking I couldn’t live with a job by my side. But I did. And although it’s been rather poor, it’s also turned out to be one of the best years of my life. Viva la Unemployment.

2. I withdrew from Cannes. Won’t be going. It’s financially irresponsible for me to attempt to go. Next year. I’ll go back. I just have no job really and can’t afford to spend 2K on a trip. Instead I will shoot a couple of shorts I wrote and enter them into Sundance this fall.

3. Admit it, You have this song stuck in your head now.

4. Jordan told me how to “Get a Girlfriend.” So I guess I am taking advice from a ten year old now. He’s so wise. I love him. Sucks he was sick yesterday, but for the first time in a long time I got to take care of him. 

5. My friendship is like a horcrux. I’ll give you a piece of it to see if you can handle it and then it’s yours to protect.

6. May 22nd The Tent is going to be a featured film at an event downtown Phoenix. Fancy event actually. Tickets cost $15. Then I get to choose a city in the U.S. for the next event. So I am excited!

7. If I ever get dogs, I’m naming him Chapter. And his buddy, Scripts.

Hope your Monday has been awesome.

A quick daytime concert. I love him so much. Off to see Captain America 2 for the third time.

A quick daytime concert. I love him so much. Off to see Captain America 2 for the third time.

Friday 5

1. can’t stop. Won’t stop. Thinking about Captain America 2. Saw it again today. I LOVE IT.

2. I finally found a bar for my next short film, Tess. They are letting me shoot there for free. Guess it’s time or some kick ass action.

3. I’m writing a sitcom right now. And does any one have any embarrassing stories? Promise I won’t say who you are. But so far the first episode is hilarious.

4. I’m doing standup at the end of the month. Haven’t done that in two years. But I was asked during the commercial break of the radio show I was on. So I was like. Yeah. I’ll do it.

5. Gonna figure out if I can make it to France again. About to do a lot of odd and end jobs to get money to go. I’ll do anything at this point. I just wanna be back at the festival in May.

Hope your day was great!

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