10 Reasons Why you should Wise up to Yzupp

One of my absolute favorite people on planet earth, is the lovable, and awesome Yzupp. Her videos, and humor is amazing. She should have her own TV Show.

Here are ten reason why you should follow her on Tumblr and on Twitter.

1. She’s Awesome. 

2. This little tidbit of awesomeness right here —-> Do you think zebras had slavery? Like, the ones who truly believed they were black with white stripes were horribly mistreated by those who said they were white with black stripes? It that plausible? Yes. ZZZ :(

3. She’s quirky. She can pull a laugh out of a dead clowns ass, probably.

4. This tweet = brilliance: I let my dog lick me on the mouth, because, some days, I just don’t have time to lick the ass of every dog in my neighborhood. 

5. I don’t trust that many people born after 1989 (There are about 25 people total). All are secret baby faced assassins that are out to take over the world. 

6. She does her own podcast. Which, is freaking hilarious. 

7. Who else would write a bacon hypothesis?

8. She is the inagural, and only winner of the  “Longest Uninterrupted Wearing of a Ski Cap by Someone Who Isn’t a Criminal (yet)” outside of a hipster convention.

9. Have you ever received a question or sent a question to her? You will get the most glorious question/answer yet. 

10. She is fond of flannel. Something I come to expect from Northeastern white people.

There, that was just 10 reasons. I could easily give 11…12 tops, but these will do. You’re a good friend, Yzupp.

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