Wednesday Ramble

1. Today was boring. So this is a ramble.

2. I’m currently looking at jobs. I kind of laugh at some of them.

3. I was told I was over qualified for a job. Yet idiotic teens can do it.

4. Stalking a potential dad for “the Tent,” online. been emailing with him today. We already have a good looking cast.

5. If I think you’re good looking, guy or girl, I’ll tell you. Guys get offended when I do that. Ugh, I hate people. I’m not hitting on you, fuckers. 

6. I was hot after we ran errands. I jumped into the pool with my shorts and t-shirt and flip flops on when we returned. Jordan thought I was nuts.

7. One week home, still haven’t unpacked my luggage. Except the gifts and dirty clothes.

8. People never cease to amaze me. Sometimes I get fooled into thinking women really like me, and then nothing. Ugh, I’ll learn. Probably when I’m 60.

9. I worry about being homeless since I don’t have a job, and currently marking real estate for me to live in. And by real estate, I mean areas under bridges. I kid I kid. I won’t be homeless.

10. Summer shows that I enjoy “Rookie Blue (ABC) and the Goodwin Games (FOX) and Save Me (NBC).” All are on HULU. 

11. Buck4itt’s post, was one of the best things i’ve read on tumblr.

12. a big bag of farts is something i’d like to mail someone.

13. i hate when my favorite people leave tumblr and don’t say a word.

14. Mr. Blue Sky is one of my favorite songs ever.

15. It’s weird but I’m already looking at  places to Stay in Park City and Cannes for 2014. 

17. fuck you, 16. 

18. Next week I’m going to do PA work for a film. Makes decent money on a daily basis.

19. This is the end, hold your breath and count to 10. Feel the earth move and then, Hear my heart burst again. For this is the end.

20. You just read the lyrics to Skyfall, by Adele.

21. but I’m really leaving/

22. Bye. Hope your day is fantastic.

23. I need a hug. 

24. Naked hug, ladies.

25. Ok Bye.

Have a good Wednesday!

  1. uless said: Be careful what you wish for. *prepares for naked hug*
  2. feralwavestohermind said: Hugs!
  3. robinseggbluebox said: E.L.O. LOVE that song. YES!
  4. almostfancynancy said: Mr. Blue Sky! Aw…me, too!!!
  5. writinginbedagain said: I will never be offended by compliments from you just fyi

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