Monday Musings

1. Our apartment complex has a breakfast, every single morning. Today was pancakes. Tomorrow is omelets. And so on and so forth. They cook this every day and since I’m off/unemployed, totally taking advantage of this with Jordan.

2. Stayed up editing The War and writing in between rendering sessions. The War, episode 1 will be complete tomorrow. I am learning how to do cool transitions so it’s taking a bit of time. Plus creating graphics for the news report.

3. I hate cheaters on Words With Friends. I know some supreme cheaters on there. Fuckers.

4. Buck4Itt - Yes Jenny gets points for being a friend to Forrest, but that’s like 100 points, and then she gets -100 (-1200 overall) for every time she dogged Forrest. Plus 50 points for letting him touch her boob at college, 171 for the sex pregnancy combo, -506 for leaving in the middle of the night, -10,000 for not telling Forrest she had a baby. -21,000 for finally agreeing to marry him only after he asked her like 5 years earlier. -110,191 for dying and leaving him all alone because he loved her. Now I’m no math major, but that bitch is still in the negative and makes her a supreme thunder cunt. I shouldn’t have watched that movie last night. (Also, thanks to all who agreed about this wretched woman).

5. I have been watching an insane amount of movies lately. SO many. The theater, at home. I just love movies. I’ve been watching movies I wanted to see but never had the chance.

6. Job hunting is so fun (puts imaginary gun in mouth, shoots brains out).

7. Busy week ahead. I have to focus and beat up Jordan a lot. And write. and take him swimming and to Peter Piper Pizza and also do whatever he wants because he’s the priority. Also, beat him up and draw on his face.

Happy. Mother. Fucking. Monday. FUCK YO HOUSE, FRANCO! (if You’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about). If not, go see the new movie with Franco in it.

  1. dealwithit5 said: You’re an excellent dad.
  2. feralwavestohermind said: HAha!!! I’m seeing it tomorrow and so excited!!!
  3. boxedwineoclock said: This is the end was hilarious. Loved it!
  4. melodic98 said: Thank you!! I needed that laugh from #4
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